Diagnosing and Repair

Up to date diagnostic equipment and software to figure out those pesky lights on the dash.

What is Diagnostic Testing?

Diagnostic testing consists of connecting a testing device to your vehicles’ computers to monitor electronic components. With this equipment, we will be able to analyze multiple computer systems to help your vehicle operate to its full potential. Electrical components in your vehicle will send information to specific computers to let your vehicle know how much fuel to use, when the throttle is open, transmission and oil temperatures and pressures, and even how much emissions are being emitted. The diagnostic equipment will be able to tell which systems parameters are out of range and will assist the technician on where to start testing. This can be very beneficial if a warning light illuminates on your dashboard. Since the car doesn’t always tell you what’s needed when a light appears, a trained technician can.


When to have your vehicle checked?

Always take your vehicle to the repair shop if a light illuminates. The warning light informs the driver of an issue inside the vehicle. If the light is ignored, other problems can arise down the road causing more damage to the internal engine components. It’s recommended to have your vehicle checked at least once a year to monitor the on board computers. Even if a light does not illuminate, there still can be minor problems that can’t be seen or heard.

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