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MACS certified. Servicing all R134a air conditioning systems. Compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valves and hoses.

What is the Air Conditioning System?

The air conditioning system uses a gas that turns into liquid and back to gas again. This substance is called freon. The freon will start at the compressor as a gas, travel through the condenser and fan, go through a dryer to remove moisture and through an expansion valve to be converted back to a gas. After it travels through the evaporator, cooled air will pass through a blower and allow it to travel into the cabin to cool the driver. Air conditioning is important to have in the summer for comfort. An evacuation and recovery machine will be used in all AC repairs. This special machine can remove the gas from the system to properly remove components safely. This gas is harmful to the environment but is ok when in a sealed unit. Once the repairs have been made, the machine will be able to recharge the freon and have it put back into the system. At A to B Auto repair, a M.A.C.S certified technician can safely repair any AC components.


Symptoms of a faulty AC system

If you feel your air conditioning system is blowing warm or cool air, have us check the freon levels in the system. With the recovery machine, we will be able to extract and weigh the amount of freon in your vehicle. If your AC is blowing not as cold as it should, it probably is low on freon. We can check for leaks in the system to see if any freon is escaping. Another sign your AC is not working is loud noises from the AC compressor or even moisture leaks. If you are experiencing these issues, stop in or call for an appointment.

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