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Our Story

Bobby and Alexa met in automotive training school and have been inseparable since. They dreamed of owning a shop and have made it their reality. They have spent the last ten plus years working in automotive shops gaining knowledge, customer service and hands-on training.  With Bobby wrenching in the shop and Alexa running the front desk, they are a dynamic team with a passion for success.

Bobby Dainis

Shop Owner

Bobby is a hardworking individual and has been working in the auto repair business before he could drive. He currently is an ASE certified and ACDelco trained technician and has specialized training with working on ambulances, wheelchair lifts, trucks, and much more. He is well-rounded in the automotive field and can fix just about anything.

Alexa Wicker

Shop Owner

Alexa has been in the customer service industry for over 15 years and has always excelled in the field. She went to Automotive Training Center and learned a wide variety of information that helps her explain the issues with customers’ cars in an understanding way. With a smile on her face, she always delivers a comfortable experience.

Snyder's Story

It was March 1986… Sheldon received the call that 2091 Morgantown road was his if he wanted it. Sheldon and Dory were both young and scared but took the challenge and jumped into this new business with both feet. We named our business Snyder’s Automotive Service.

With no customers and little knowledge of the area, God was good and began to fill our appointment book. Our motto was “work as unto the Lord and treat others as we would want to be treated”.

When we began the business, we were a full-service technical gas station. Dory pumped the gas daily after taking our triplet daughters to school.

Over the years, our customers became more than just customers, they became our friends! They trust us and our business began to grow. In 1993. We decided to give up the gas station as Sheldon’s love for cars took us in a new direction of selling used vehicles. We named that part of our business Integrity Motors. After a few years, God once again blessed us and we expanded to a second location in Sinking Spring. In 2008, we faced a tough economy and the difficulty of finding the caliber of cars that we would sell to our customers, so we returned to our original location and focused on repairing and selling cars on a smaller scale.

In 2020, due to some minor health issues and getting close to retirement, we decided to place our business for sale. We had numerous inquiries but none of them felt “right” until we met Bobby and Alexa. We knew in our hearts upon meeting them that they were the ones that would take over our business and continue to run it the way we did with kindness, honesty, and integrity. We pray that our customers and friends will give Bobby and Alexa the same chance that they gave us over the past 36 years.

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